Good illustrations are one of the best ways of bringing the ancient world to life, and Graham Sumner's work is among the best. Impeccably researched, they are also often bold, challenging our assumptions about the appearance of Roman soldiers. His paintings are at the forefront of our developing understanding of the Roman army.
-Adrian Goldsworthy
Graham has created wonderful illustrations for my books, including fearsome Celtic warriors and proud Roman centurions. His work is always detailed, drawing on extensive original research into ancient dress that challenges the conventional image of tunic and toga-clad Romans. What I like most about Graham's artwork is the real sense of character and dynamism. It fuels the imagination and brings the past to life.
-Ross Cowan
Graham Sumner's drawings and paintings of the soldiers of the world's most successful army not only bring them to life but greatly aid our understanding of their arms and armour and through that their actions in the field.
-Professor David Breeze
Specialist Roman reconstruction artists are rare; perhaps only the late Peter Connolly, a renowned scholar in his own right, and Graham Sumner, with his carefully researched and informed figurative and military costume illustrations, can lay claim to that accolade.
-Susan Greaney, English Heritage

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